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The Noble Breed Team

The Noble Breed Team

Noble Breed is a men’s accessories brand started in early 2012 by Brooklyn native and designer Eric Feliciano.

After the birth of his son in February, he was inspired to be a great role model in expanding his entrepreneurial business and following his inspiration with a passion for being a well-dressed man. 

After purchasing a few suits and blazers, he felt something was missing. Something in the details. Something to make him feel like more than just a proverbial “suit”. Some added element of style.

He looked to purchase some pocket squares but was surprised at the costs and the lack of selections offered. After a quest to find fabrics that spoke to him – missing classic and urban sensibilities – and some hand sewing work, there were results that could, maybe, be worthy of Pinterest posting. To his surprise, the photos accumulated likes and repins at lightning speed.

Looking to add more details and after watching some youtube videos on how to make fabric flowers, the next idea was high-quality wool rose lapel pins. An instagram account – and a logo -were created for Noble Breed. There seemed to be a huge community for men’s fashion and for men looking for quality handmade accessories.

Eric called up his neighborhood buddy Joaquin Rodriguez to model Noble Breed’s pocket squares and lapel roses. Joaquin’s knowledge of fashion and Eric’s experience in design and branding was the perfect combination to grow a great brand.

Since then, Noble Breed has sold thousands of lapel pins, pocket squares, colored shoelaces, cufflinks and gift sets. Celebrities and athletes like Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers, Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, Derek Hough of Dancing With The Stars, Black Thought of The Legendary Roots and house band of the Jimmy Fallon Show have been seen wearing Noble Breed.

The brand is working on expanding to a line of accessories for kids: The Little Gentleman Collection.


ericFelicianoEric “The Redd” Feliciano is a Brooklyn native and the Creative Director/Founder with over 18 years experience as a graphic/web designer and illustrator. He’s worked on design projects for clients like Lancome, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health magazine, Bravo Channel, Oxygen Network & Rocawear.

Joaquin Rodriguez, is a Brooklyn native, and experienced fashion blogger. He’s the team’s fashion consultant and lead model. He’s modeled for a few established brands in New York and is known for his great sense of style. Joaquin brings his many years of fashion experience to Noble Breed.

danielaDaniela Lencioni, West coast rep & designer. Daniela is a San Francisco native artist with a great sense of style. She’s worked as a freelance makeup artist, illustrator and junior vintage buyer for Bianca Starr boutique. Her San Fran style is a great compliment to our NYC based brand. Her eye for color, textiles and creative abilities have brought her to the Noble Breed team.